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Truespoke wire wheels have been a favorite of Neo-Classic, Replica and Kit Car owners for over 35 years. Often used by leading brands as original equipment.
Let us supply the exact wheel you need at the best possible prices. Please call us at 760-731-8301 to discuss your requirements.

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The finest wire wheels that money can buy

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Hall of Fame Kustomizer, John D'Agostino called on Truespoke for wheels for his show-winning Stutz Bearcat Kustom. These same wheels are available in 13-18" diameters with round caps or spinners.

If you own a Neo-Classic, Replica or Kit-Car, put our experience to work for you in selecting the correct wire wheels for your special automobile. We have equipped everything from Avantis to Zimmers with one or another of our wheels. Please call or email us to discuss your application.

Auburn Boat-tail Speedster by California Custom Coach uses our Tru=classic style wheels with 56 spokes. These wheels can be built in sizes from 14" to 18" in diameter.

This Paris based Clenet rides on custom-built 56 spoke
Kelsey Hayes style wire wheels. Custom sizes are available.

We equipped this SEMA-show Auburn with our Tru=classic
style wire wheels and smooth hubcaps.

This rare Gazelle uses our Truespoke Classic 50 spoke wire wheel with a 3-bladed spinner. This wheel is also available with
a round, 2 or 3-bladed knock-off style cap.

Custom-built 17 X 7" 50-Spoke Truespoke wheels on John D'Agostino's fabulous Stutz show car.

This Lincoln Versailes Opera Coupe is equipped with Truespoke 50-spoke wire wheels.

Whitewall tire packages are available

Goodyear 3.25" whitewall

BFGoodrich 2.75" whitewall

US Royal 8.20-15 Bias-Ply

L-78 bias-ply
3 & 4" whitewall

Vogue White
and Gold

Above: BFGoodrich Silvertown P235/75R15 - 2 7/8" Whitewall

Avanti - Zimmer - Clenet

This is Mr. Bill Kingwell's fascinating automobile known as an Alti. 56-spoke classic cross-lace Truespokes were selected with wide whitewall tires.

The finest wire wheel polish we have found

For those owners who need a polish that can remove and improve dirty or rough surfaces, we highly recommend X-Treem Metal Polish. This hard to find product works well and is easy to use. We like the fact that it is like cotton or wool that is impregnated with the polishing material. You can work it between the spokes and nipples and reach hard to access spots on your wheels.
Please click here for more photos, price and information on how to use the product.

Mist & Shine Wire Wheel Cleaner System

  • Wizard's Mist 'N Shine: As used by the Truespoke factory on all our wheels and caps. The best product we have found.

  • Adds a Show-Winning Gloss and Slickness to your wheels.
    Safe for Show Chrome and Lexan
    Hides Swirls, Will not Scratch* or Streak*, even in Direct Sun
    Anti-Static, Perfect for Spot Cleaning or “Dry Washing” to Remove Dust, Bugs, Oily Fingerprints and More
    Contains No Wax, Solvents or Silicone

    $14.25 per bottle with sprayer as shown.


  • Micro-Fiber Detail Cloths
  • 16" x 16" (2 yellow cloths per pack)
    Works best with Mist & Shine.
    Thick and absorbent fibers
    Washable and reusable.
    $9.95 for the two cloths


  • Take it from the tire experts, our new Whitewall Tire Cleaner is the best product that money can buy.

  • This Secret Formula has not been available to the general public until now.

  • Your tires will have that new-tire look without the shine.

  • This is a non-glossy tire cleaner. It doesn't cover up dirt and grime like a white paint, "dresser" or shoe polish, rather it removes dirt and grime with ease.

  • This is a safe, effective and environmentally friendly product.

  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Helps prevent tire "browning" and discoloration.

  • Restores the natural clean of new tires.

  • Can be used on hot tires.

  • Will keep your tires cleaner for longer periods of time.

  • Comes in a 24 ounce bottle with a sprayer. The towel shown is not included. We recommend using a clean, soft, white towel.

  • Price: $13.95 per bottle. Shipping is not included.

  • Please click here for more information and demonstration photos

Friendly advice is a telephone call away

Truespoke is a registered trademark
Est. 1974
Motorspot, Inc.
Telephone: 760-731-8303
Fallbrook, California


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